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Frequently Asked Questions

General information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What options are available to me to customize my booking engine?

Basic services are at no charge and include your hotel logo, footers to match your site navigation, basic email confirmations, design to minimize distractions and a font color.

Enhanced services build on that to include transparent photo background, alternate fonts and icons, customized calendar, widget and pixel implementation, and multiple languages. Any and all of these are for a $250 one time fee.

Distinguished services allow for a highly customized booking engine not limited to items such as variant font usage, drop down and label designs, javascript, and non-standard page layouts. Fees start at $125/hour with a four-hour minimum; an estimate will be provided prior to project commencement.

A more comprehensive price list of services is available here.

Do I have to purchase an option or are any customizations included with my Preferred Hotels & Resorts membership?

No – many hotels choose our Basic design which includes initial customization and is highly functional.

What is the cost to modify one option?

We can update one option, such as a transparent photo background, at the hourly rate of $125 for a minimum of one hour per item.

How do I request tracking code for my booking engine?

Tracking codes can be added at no charge, provided they are given in full to us. If any modifications, testing or auditing is required, a fee of $100 per batch request is assessed. Reporting results are not included; the calibration of tracking is unique to each property’s needs and as such cannot be supported. Note: tracking code is typically complicated and in most cases, requires auditing. Submit your request as any other order for processing.

I don’t have a “responsive” template. Does that matter? What is the fee to upgrade to Responsive?

Upgrading to responsive is only $599. Should you choose to upgrade to Responsive, we will offer Enhanced or Distinguished services at no extra charge (assuming the estimate of additional customization is within 6 hours). Read more about the Responsive Template services.

What is the fee to make changes to the Flex template?

The Flex template uses outdated technology; a surcharge of $500 is required for any changes made to the Flex template in addition to the service fee for the specific modification. It is recommended to upgrade to the Responsive template for only $599 – with this upgrade our Booking Engine support team will include any other changes you desire (up to 6 hours for the Distinguished Package).

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact your hotel’s assigned Director of Revenue Account Management for more details.

How do I order customized booking engine services?

Email You will be sent an order form within 48 hours of your request to confirm the work; billing commences upon return receipt of the order form.

When will my customized Booking Engine be ready?

This depends on the services requested. An order form will be sent to you within 48 hours of your request. Upon receipt, Tracking, Basic and Enhanced services typically take up to 5 business days to complete. Distinguished services may take longer based on the estimated work time; refer to the estimate provided with your order.

Can I load more than 8 Room Videos?

While the Enhanced package includes up to 8 videos, additional videos can be added at $125 per video.

Where can I get more resources and guidelines for the Booking Engine?

Read more on PreferredNet.

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