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Optimization Ideas

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Room Groups

Displaying all room types during the booking process can make the selection daunting for a customer, particularly if you have many room types. The Booking Engine can be set up to group room beddings into similar types, which can ease the decision making for the customer and reduce steps – leading to improved conversions.

Room Groups can be set up by assigning each room type into a custom Room Category in SynXis – be sure to assign images to each category. Within the template, select Use Room Groups under Avail Results.

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Use images to enhance the attraction of your rates and packages; images tend to encourage consumers to purchase. A reminder that all images should be of a standard size so they return similarly on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and makes it easier for the consumer to manoeuver through the choices – try editing your images to always be 1500 x 1000 pixels, for instance.

A reminder that rate plan images, once selected, should then be used for all rates. Not adding a rate plan image will return an “X” in the place where the image would be expected. To turn on rate plan images, first assign an image to each rate plan in SynXis. Then, within the template, select Display Rate Images under Avail Results.

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Often we may have rooms that can be sold as one unit when, in reality, they are multiple units. An example may be a Presidential Suite that automatically includes one bedroom, but an additional bedroom can be added to make it a two bedroom suite. You may also have two rooms at the end of a corridor, one with a king and one with two twin beds, but with an outer door that can close and combine them both as one room.

SynXis allows you to set up Component Suites by allowing content to be created for each such “suite” but only offering them for sale when inventory for each individual component is available. This ensures that the such a product is only offered if truly available. Pricing for the component suite is otherwise treated the same as any other room type.

Set up a component suite first by creating the Component Suite by selecting “Add Component Suite” in the upper right corner under Room Types. Once that form is completed, at the end, assign the individual units to be assigned. You can assign the quantity of each unit available for the Component Suite.

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You can create “add-ons” to enhance offerings to your customers for their stay – and increase incremental revenue. Add-ons are often thought of as amenities such as a bottle of wine, or perhaps package elements such as bed-and-breakfast. Ticketed items with limited inventory can be added, with inventory, to be sure that you don’t oversell limited quantities.

Another idea is to offer Early Check-In, Late Check-out, and seasonal offerings (Christmas Tree View, Fireworks View) for an additional surcharge – and to better anticipate housekeeping staffing needs. These also can be inventoried to handle volumes or limited views.

The combinations are endless - read more about setting up setting up Dynamic Packages in the Sabre Hospitality University.

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